Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are IvyBears?
    IvyBears are vitamins in the form of gummy bears. Our fruity bears are available in numerous delicious varieties for different needs. A 100% made in Germany product. Europe’s most sold vitamin gummy brand.

  2. What types of IvyBears are there?
    We currently have 5 types of IvyBears.
    - Women’s Hair Vitamins improve hair structure and promote healthy hair growth
    - Men’s Hair Vitamins improve hair structure and promote healthy hair growth
    - Women’s Multi strengthen the immune system
    - Vibrant Skin ensure radiant, bright and beautiful skin
    - Stress Relief promotes balance and inner peace

  3. Are IvyBears suitable for children to consume?
    IvyBears vitamin gummies are developed for the needs of adults. We recommend consumers to be at least 16 years of age.

  4. Can I consume several IvyBears vitamins at the same time?
    Yes, absolutely! We have developed IvyBears vitamins as a complete system of products designed for combined use to meet your daily needs and achieve your health and beauty objectives. If you wish to combine them with other dietary supplements, you should consult your general practitioner or family doctor.

  5. Can I take more than the recommended dose?
    We recommend not to exceed the recommended amount. Each of our products has been designed by health and beauty experts to develop an effective dose of active ingredients that meet your daily needs and promote optimal health.

  6. What is the shelf life of the bears and how do I store it? 
    The shelf life of IvyBears can be found on the packaging. It is 18 months from production. We recommend to store it below 25°C. You may store it in the refrigerator. 

  7. At what time of the day should I consume the gummy bears?
    You can take IvyBears products at any time of the day. You do not have to take them with your meals. It is important to take them daily for the most effective results.

  8. When and how will I notice the effect of the vitamins?
    The effects of the vitamins do vary from person to person. Most of our consumers have reported that they have had positive results after a few weeks. However, you should consistently consume IvyBears for 3 months daily for the best results.

  9. Where are IvyBears manufactured?
    IvyBears are both formulated and designed by health and beauty experts in Germany. They are also 100% manufactured in Germany. The entire production process, the ingredients and the quality of the bears are regularly checked by strict quality controls.

  10. How natural are the vitamin gummies? Do you use artificial dyes in the gummies?
    IvyBears are naturally delicious. We do not use any additives, artificial flavorings, or artificial coloring in IvyBears. We only use natural food coloring. Our tasty gummy bears are also free of any titanium dioxides.

  11. How many gummy bears does one bottle contain, and how long will it last?
    One bottle contains 60 bears. The recommended dose is two bears a day, so one bottle is sufficient for a month.

  12. What is the recommended dose?
    The recommended dose is two bears a day.

  13. How does IvyBears ensure the quality and purity of its products?
    We pride ourselves on producing nutritional supplements that are safe and effective while providing heathy, fruity, and delicious vitamins. We have strict standards and work exclusively with renowned manufacturers in Germany. To always ensure quality, the entire production process, the ingredients, and the quality of the gummy bears are regularly checked subject to quality rules. Our IvyBears are constantly inspected and approved by the German Federal Ministry for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

  14. What is Titanium Dioxide? Do IvyBears contain Titanium Dioxides?
    Titanium dioxide is titanium oxides with the formula TiO2. It is considered possibly carcinogenic to humans. Our recipes are naturally delicious and do not contain any Titanium Dioxides.

    Most gummy known bears do contain Titanium Dioxides but do not put all ingredients on their labels. That is why we are proud to underline the fact that we are 100% free of Titanium Dioxides.

  15. Is the packaging recyclable?
    Yes, absolutely. All packaging should be disposed in the plastics recyclables bin.

  16. Where can I buy IvyBears beauty vitamins?
    You may purchase IvyBears here on our website. Alternatively, we are available on Lazada and Shopee.